ifoodbag AB

Intelligent paper carrier bag refrigerates
and freezes provisions for up to 24h
for a bright future
Long experience and strong
track record in food retail

The Company

ifoodbag is a company that wants to contribute to a better world. The company is permeated by entrepreneurship and is doing everything to find new sustainable ways to contribute to our future.

Within the food industry there is fierce competition; small margins have meant that achieving profitability has become increasingly difficult. This has led to an enormous range of different goods and products with the aim of maximizing sales and profit margins, which has complicated the delivery chain and placed higher demands on sustainability. Pressure on food prices and the complexity of the delivery chain has led to a situation where the majority of food items contain additives, i.e. preservatives and stabilizers. Inferior food quality and increased quantities of additives can increase the risk of obesity and other diseases. Society, producers, consumers and the environment, place a major demand on the cost-effective delivery of high quality food and reduced food waste.

The current system developed by ifoodbag, called ifoodbag®, consists of a paper carrier bag that can refrigerate and freeze provisions for up to 24 hours.