ifoodbag AB

Intelligent paper carrier bag refrigerates
and freezes provisions for up to 24h
for a bright future
Long experience and strong
track record in food retail

Corporate Social Responsibility

At ifoodbag we are committed to changing the world through new solutions and innovation to global challenges. We want to empower our society in order to transform it into a more sustainable world. ifoodbag continuously works to ensure that our solutions contribute to a lasting change.

CSR Strategy
CSR is deeply anchored in ifoodbag's organization and core business. We see sustainability as three long-term values: economic prosperity, social acceptance and justice, and an improved environment. ifoodbag takes responsibility by always having the end customer and society in focus and maintaining the necessary controls so that our values are followed in every stage of our stakeholder chain. Corporate social responsibility in this way results in a value creation not only for ifoodbag but for everyone around us.

CSR Value Creation
At ifoodbag we prioritize corporate social responsibility and are not afraid to address such issues throughout the organization. It is of the utmost importance to society, our stakeholders and our values to strongly engage in such areas. Through our CSR strategy we commit to many activities; climate change, industry ethics and employee engagement. Corporate social responsibility is imbued throughout the whole organization, and within our grasp of clients we can directly and indirectly impact.