ifoodbag AB

Running a business with profitability
and high ethical responsibility
Listen to customers actively, ensure quality
and promote a healthy lifestyle
Promote methods for a sustainable
development of our society


The story began in 2007 when the founder of the company Karl Fallgren sold his holdings in one of the major food retail chains in Sweden. Fallgren conceived the idea that consumers need help to plan, shop and prepare meals and beverages. This was long before any grocery basket companies, making home delivery with recipes, entered the Swedish market. The grocery-basket concept became extremely popular and soon many companies entered the market. During the conception of the idea, Fallgren discovered it very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable solution without an excellent logistics solution. This is mainly because groceries in general are perishable goods that need to be refrigerated during transportation. Questions like "why use expensive and non-environmentally friendly refrigerating vehicles for transporting food?", and "how can we reduce the social acceptance of additives and avoid these foods?" became the basis for the new idea and concept that is now ifoodbag and its cooling system called 'the Cold Pack System'.