ifoodbag AB

Intelligent paper carrier bag refrigerates
and freezes provisions for up to 24h
for a bright future
Long experience and strong
track record in food retail


ifoodbag takes on a major challenge in today’s world to improve products and ensure economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

At ifoodbag, good profitability and responsibility go hand in hand. Our customers and stakeholders always come first and we are doing everything to make them feel secure and have faith in us and the work we do.

Customers should always feel confident purchasing products from ifoodbag. That is why we ensure our products are manufactured and transported under secure and controlled conditions, are handled properly by suppliers, are of the highest quality and work as they should.

ifoodbag aims to sell large quantities around the world. It is therefore obvious that our operations will have an impact on the environment and we are convinced that this engagement and commitment to environmental work will pay off.