ifoodbag improves your cold logistics

Environmental friendly

ifoodbag® is made from a sustainable paper composite material. The technology disrupts the traditional way of transporting refrigerated and frozen goods by reducing carbon footprints and environmental impacts.

Lower logistic cost

The ifoodbag system allows you to optimize your cold chain logistics and increase your margins. It can improve the scalability of your business and open up for third party delivery solutions.

Better customer experience

With ifoodbag you leave a premium impression when delivering chilled products to your end consumers. They are the first one to break the cold chain when opening the ziplock.

Increased space efficiency

ifoodbag needs less space in transportation and in your warehouse. You can also store refrigerated and frozen food together in the same tote during transportation.

Higher product quality

By keeping the temperature stable, the condensation out and the cold chain intact, ifoodbag® extends your product lifespan.

Improved time efficiency

ifoodbag® is easily integrated into your packing flow, contributes to less errors and enables an easier handling for your cold logistics.

Flexible form of delivery

Today consumers put a greater demand on convenient ways for receiving their refrigerated and frozen groceries e.g. through click and collect, in-car delivery, pick up points and unattended home deliveries. ifoodbag® enables this.

Recyclability and Reusability

ifoodbag® is recyclable as paper and can be reused.