How to pack your ifoodbag

1. Open the top of the bag by unzipping the ziplock.

When the bag is delivered from the factory, the top is sealed which ensures that the bag is 100% hygienic.


2. Break the blue seal.

In order to do this, take a firm grip with your hands at the center top on both sides of the bag. Put both your thumbs in the inside of the bag and firmly pull out so that the seal breaks. You will have to pull firmly – the bag will not break.

3. Make the bottom flat so that the bag can stand up.
4. Fill the bag with refrigerated or frozen goods.

In order to maintain the desired temperature during a longer period of time, we recommend use passive cooling.

5. Reseal the bag by using the ziplock. It is extremely important that the bag is properly sealed.

Make sure that the ziplock is closed. If air is leaking into the bag after closing, the temperature will increase faster and condensation will occur.

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