Questions & Answers

The ifoodbag is a paper based thermo-bag.

It is the combined effect of the minimal condensation along with the thermo-protection capabilities of the ifoodbag® that gives the performance.

The performance can also be increased by using passive cooling agents and/or a secondary logistical box.

There are several factors that affect how long goods will stay cold. See Q&A below.

We can optimize the setup by using secondary logistical boxes and/or passive cooling agents and thus meeting end-temperature requirements.

We do this on a case-by-case basis.

Net, we can keep goods cold for 1-24 hours. Or more….

Several factors will have an effect on the temperature development and the ifoodbag’s performance;
• Load factor
• Starting temperature
• Ambient temperature
• Number of hours in transit
• Using a secondary logistical box
• Using passive cooling agents, such as Gel Packs or Dry Ice
ifoodbag® is an environmentally sustainable final mile solution that comes with several benefits; unattended home deliveries, scalability, storage efficiency, third party logistic set up, un-broken cold chain and increased flexibility to name a few.
Yes, you can. However, over time the frozen products in contact with chilled products will have a freezing effect.
Yes! The bag is made from paper and can be recycled as paper packaging.
The ifoodbag® protects both hot and cold products. With hot or warm food there are, however, some condensation factors to take into account.
Yes, it can. Many times. Exactly how many will depend on how you handle the bag.
Sort and recycle ifoodbag according to your national policy. In Sweden, for example, it should be recycled as paper packagings (“Pappersförpackningar”).
Yes, the bag can be ordered in a customized size for larger orders.
Yes, you can have a customized print and logo on the ifoodbag® for larger orders.
Yes, you can. We recommend using an absorbing pad in the bottom of the bag to absorb the melt water. This keeps the cooling energy in the bag and all goods away from water. It is an excellent solution for transporting fish and seafood.
We always start with a meeting where we go through your logistical set-up and discuss the problem you are trying to solve. Thereafter we present possible solutions.
Just contact our Sales Department and they will be happy to assist you!