Who we are

We are a Swedish company that specializes in final mile solutions for temperature controlled logistics. Our system is environmentally sustainable, cost efficient and gives our customers added values and flexibility.

We see our solutions as revolutionary for the retail trade in general and for the online grocery players in particular, where the temperature controlled logistical challenges are the biggest issues to solve – The Final Mile Challenge.

We have recently developed and patented our second generation of a paper thermo bag – the ifoodbag®. This new generation of plastic-free paper-bags consists of two moisture protection barriers and an insulating thermo-protecting middle layer. It is a completely new bag compared to its predecessor.

We have also just developed a unique stackable EPP-box – the alvobox™. The high R-value for the EPP-material together with the logistical benefits that we have build in makes this box unique and one of a kind.

Together with our different cooling devices we can tailor make a system solution that solves all your challenges with materials that are reusable, recyclable and sustainable.

We are passionate about becoming an environmentally sustainable final mile solution provider.  We always add value and flexibility for our customers and help them to create new opportunities.