ifoodbag improves your cold logistics

Environmental friendly

ifoodbag® is a paper based environmentally sustainable thermo bag with two separate condensation barriers and an insulating middle.
The cooling performance of the ifoodbag® is better than a 3-4 layer plastic thermo bag!

Lower logistic cost

The ifoodbag system allows you to optimize your cold chain logistics and increase your margins. It can improve the scalability of your business and open up for third party delivery solutions.

Better customer experience

With ifoodbag you leave a premium impression when delivering chilled products to your end consumers. They are the first one to break the cold chain when opening the bag.

Increased space efficiency

ifoodbag needs less space in transportation and in your warehouse. You can also store refrigerated and frozen food together in the same tote during transportation.

Higher product quality

By keeping the temperature stable, the condensation out and the cold chain intact, ifoodbag® extends your product lifespan.

Improved time efficiency

ifoodbag® is easily integrated into your packing flow, contributes to less errors and enables an easier handling for your cold logistics.

Flexible form of delivery

Today consumers put a greater demand on convenient ways for receiving their refrigerated and frozen groceries e.g. through click and collect, in-car delivery, pick up points and unattended home deliveries. ifoodbag® enables this.

Recyclability and Reusability

ifoodbag® is recyclable as paper and can be reused.

ifoodbag products

The ifoodbag final mile system solution is based on three different components: ifoodbag®, alvobox™ and different passive cooling devices. The components can be used separately or in combinations. The products and the method are patent pending and covered by patent EP3140223.

We can offer a system that meets your requirements for temperature controlled logistics only using passive cooling.

The ifoodbag system

The ifoodbag can be used as a stand-alone solution – with or without passive cooling inside the bag.

The ifoodbag can also be used together with a logistical box; Styrofoam, Plastic, EPS or corrugated paper. Using a box will not only simplify handling and logistics but it also gives a better product performance due to the secondary atmosphere that the box creates.

We have done several pilots with different boxes and can now also offer a unique thermo-box in PPE – the alvobox™ with excellent performance.

ifoodbag will help you tailor make the final mile solution for the exact needs of your logistic environment, completing the system with passive cooling such as Chilling shields, Gel Packs or Dry ice when necessary.

The ifoodbag System optimizes your cold chain logistics set-up and makes active cooling solutions redundant.

How to recycle your ifoodbag

It is important for us at ifoodbag that our products live in a circular economy and that we take care of the earth’s resources. ifoodbag can be resued but if there is a hole in your ifoodbag or any other damage after several times of usage, you need to dispose and recycle it.

Sort and recycle ifoodbag according to your national policy. In Sweden, for example, it should be recycled as paper packagings (“Pappersförpackningar”). If you have difficulties to find the guidelines for recycling in your country, please contact us for more information (link).

EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme

We were awarded a grant to further improve and develop the ifoodbag and a supporting system for the final mile challenges.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 718922.

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