The ifoodbag System

The ifoodbag can be used as a stand-alone solution – with or without passive cooling inside the bag.

The ifoodbag can also be used together with a logistical box; Styrofoam, Plastic, EPS or corrugated paper. Using a box will not only simplify handling and logistics but it also gives a better product performance due to the secondary atmosphere that the box creates.

We have done several pilots with different boxes and can now also offer a unique thermo-box in PPE – the alvobox™ with excellent performance.

ifoodbag will help you tailor make the final mile solution for the exact needs of your logistic environment, completing the system with passive cooling such as Chilling shields, Gel Packs or Dry ice when necessary.

The ifoodbag System optimizes your cold chain logistics set-up and makes active cooling solutions redundant.